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Creator: Empowering Women Intentional Clutter Clearing and Organizing Membership | Mindfulness Coaching Courses-Workshops Kids & Adults |Women's Wellness Retreats /Young Living Essential Oils /Educational Assessments Tutoring&Academic Teaching


I am Jen Finnegan, your educator and wellness expert, I will show you how to

create greater 

freedom, health and harmony in your life. 


You've tried so many different ways to free yourself from 

overwhelm, busyness, clutter in your home,

loneliness, boredom, anxiety

 depression, mood swings 

chronic fatigue, allergies, sleep issues...


And you continue to feel

uninspired, tired, depleted, sick, alone, lost, overwhelm... 


My Holistic Health Offerings

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Clutter-Clearing~Mindfulness~Kids’ Tutoring

~Young Living Essential Oils 

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Empowered Women: 

Creating Health, Wealth and Harmony through Mindfulness practice. 

I assist busy 45+women who struggle with stress and anxiety take charge of their health, relationships and sleep by showing them in less than 6 weeks how to integrate a 30 minute daily mindfulness practice while having more energy to balance work and family life. 

Online Courses: Spring-2021


Live Clutter Free Today!

Intentional Clutter Clearing and Organizing

🌿Empowered Busy Moms: Creating Prosperity through Intentional Clutter Clearing and Organizing 

Monthly Group Coaching Membership.  

I assist empowered 45+busy moms with cluttered homes open up to more prosperity in their lives by teaching them how to intentionally declutter, simplify and organize their space so they may experience greater health, joy and harmony. 

Congrats to those who completed the 5-Day Closet Clean Out Challenge!! Way to go! 

Peaceful Organizing Group Membership, Winter-Spring 2021


Kids’ Teaching and Learning! 

I provide educational homeschool and remote learning support for kids’ and their families through teaching, tutoring and resources.  

Over 25 years experience!! 

I assist kids in increasing their self confidence, fitness and well being teaching them how to integrate mindfulness practices and creative art-yoga movement in their daily lives allowing them to feel more creative, inspired, focused, organized, joyful and compassionate. 

 Spring-Summer Learning and Creative Art Enrichment Programs 2021! 

**2021 Educational Support &Informal Assessments! Virtually Or In Person! 

-Reserve a space today. 

***Dream Catchers, Jewelry Making, Beading, DIY Sugar Scrubs, DIY Essential Oil Blends, Journaling, Games, Dance, Gymnastics. 

Small Groups up to 8 Spaces. 

May-August Sessions 2021



~Creative Art-Dance 


Mind Body Wellness Retreats 

@Sunday River Ski Resort

Newry, Maine

Spring 2021

I will guide you in a beautiful transformational Mind-Body Wellness Retreat in Historic New England 2021

Bulgaria Fall 2021

Netherlands Fall 2021

Belize Winter 2022

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"Peaceful Lotus Mindfulness and Clutter Clearing with Jen Finnegan" 

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Education and Workshops on all things Young Living Essential Oils. 

Improve Sleep, Energy, Mind/Body

Decrease Stress, Anxiety

Balance Hormones

Remove Toxins for Healthier You

In Person and Online Consultations

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 “Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.” Deepak Chopra

Jen Finnegan is the Founding Director of Holistic Health Journey, holding space for others’ personal growth, healing and inner light. She is an adventurous, loving, creative spirit, wife, mom of two (and a little puppy), mindful-yogi enthusiast, intentional de-clutterer and organizer, add heart facilitator, wellness retreat creator, oily lover that is passionate about sharing her journey of abundance, adventure, simplifying, wellness and purpose! 

Jen has been an accomplished teacher and school learning advocate for over 24 years, working closely with special education children Kindergarten-Grades 4, their families and collaborating with public school teachers and therapists. 

Jen has always been passionate about teaching and helping others especially through the lense of Inspired Mind-Body Wellness Coaching. She educates her clients live their best life through assisting them in creating prosperity, health and abundance using the power of Intentional Decluttering/Organizing, Essential Oils and Mindfulness Practices.

Jen is always learning, training and completing certification courses. Preschool-Grade 9 MA Teaching and Administration Certification, Mindful Schools: Mindfulness Fundamentals Course, Mindfulness Educator Essentials, Working with Difficult Emotions, Heart Math Institute-Heart Math-Add Heart Facilitator, Mind Body Solutions for Anxiety, Liquid Dance, Creative Dance, Alternative Medicine, Mind Body Healing Techniques, Mindfulness-Meditation, CBD Oils, Ayurvetic Health, Young Living Essential Oils, Plant Based Nutrition and Supplements and decades of teaching and educational courses related to learning in school (Reading&Math Literacy, Learning Disabilities,Social-Communication, Executive Functioning, ADHD, ).

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