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Five years ago my life was very different. One reason was I lived with lots of clutter (emotional and physical), on autopilot and in constant busyness, meaning I was disconnected internally and living my life without really paying attention to my deepest desires and truths. I rarely focused on listening to my heart, staying true to my core, or pause to assess how I was investing my time, money and thoughts. Most of my life I just did what I thought I was supposed to do, how I was taught, how I was raised, beliefs that were ingrained passed down from family generations & society. 

I believed stories I told myself. My external world appeared and seemed "perfect", although very busy and full of stuff! I had a great job, a beautiful home/community, an incredible husband, kids, dogs, amazing and supportive family and friends. I felt unbelievable stress, I even rated my stress level a 10! One thing that weighed on me was the amount of clutter I had accumulated! I held on to things. Both physical clutter and emotional clutter. I was attached to things and people and had difficulty letting anything go. 

I knew there was something missing as I could feel an inner longing, knowing that there is more. How could I "have it all" and still feel this sense of stress and general unhappiness. I believed it would always be this way. 

This emotional clutter and stories of unworthiness and self doubt would play like records in my head, limiting beliefs that kept me stuck! These feelings of anxiety would creep up on me during work, in my relationships with friends and family and at my kids' sports events. I’d feel the knots, tightness and stress in my stomach, neck and heart. I’d ruminate for days over a conversation or a situation that I felt uneasy about...I didn’t know what to do about it, often times I’d avoid and prayed it would just go away!

I was a perfectionist....and always felt like I had to do more, be more, do things a certain way, and say yes to things that really didn't resonate with me. I was on a hamster wheel constantly going and not feeling the full essence of true happiness or seeing the results I envisioned. I was high achieving, goal driven and I worked hard all the time. I gave 125% to being a good mom, wife, employee, daughter and I didn’t feel the FULL sense of joy that I knew I so deserved. I used to think I couldn’t have it all.

My Intentional Decluttering and Organizational Journey as well as my Heart Centered Mindfulness practice were the basis for the expansion in my life I have experienced within the past 6 years! One major milestone for me was clearing all the clutter and making space for simple organizational systems and things that I love in my home and life! 

Since being on this journey and simple daily practices into my life (and teaching it), I feel more in sync, greater health, more harmonious relationships, and overall happier in my home and workplace. When I’m not following my heart, I am aware. I can feel when I am making decisions based on fear vs love! I know then it’s time to move the energy...a walk, yoga, run, shower or sit in stillness.

Mindfulness and living with greater intention has showed me the way, to pause, to create space, to slow down, sit in stillness, move and go deeper. I have shifted out from the belief that life is happening to me, "why me" beliefs and feelings of lack and resistance to life is happening by me and through me. I have learned to exercise intentionality, I understand the universe is on my side and I am embracing the essence of what is trying to emerge right here, right now. This has allowed me to receive unlimited potential, creativity and inspiration. I’m connected to the TRUE essence of who I am here to be!! I have learned to align with my heart and mind! 

My dedicated practice and lifestyle assisted me in becoming unstuck in my old emotional belief patterns and energy systems. It has allowed me to connect with me so that I could re-gain true health, wealth, wellness and freedom. This has included a true decluttering process (both internally and externally) and upgrade of my life; lifestyle, career, health, relationships, finances. 

I love the beautiful friends and mentors that have shown up in my life, the shifts in perspective that have occurred, my new sense of energy, my focused thinking, my clutter free home, my sleep improvements, pain relief, skin-clearing and a reduction of my anxiety!! I love experiencing time freedom (working from home) and beautiful relationships with my husband of 20 years, my two teenagers, puppy and family-friends! I love feeling unconditional love, peace and the ease of accepting things as they are!

I transformed my eating and my general lifestyle in my home to toxin-free to mainly “clean”, and my body knows when it’s ready for a cleanse! I integrate Young Living Essential Oils, CBD and non toxic healthy living skincare, make up, cleaning and personal care products into my daily life! I have so much fun teaching educational classes and DIY workshops! I am living more simply with less commitments and a lot less stuff! 

I love my great tribe of people I teach and travel with through my holistic practices! 

I assist busy moms clear the clutter, integrating simple organizational systems and develop a daily mindfulness practice to allow more prosperity, ease and joy in their lives. The women I work with in my memberships, courses, workshops and retreats make massive results! 


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