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Well~Being Coaching

"Returning to You" 

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We can get healthy by using the wisdom of our bodies and minds simultaneously. It is here that we can face stress, pain and illness with self-compassion and love.






Low energy

Lack of inspiration

Feelings of disconnectedness, lack, loss of hope

Struggles in your job, relationships or finances

Digestion issues

Pain or illness

Lack of time

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It’s time to release the release all of your struggles and discover what is emerging or unfolding within.

What if you could let go of the pain, the disappointment, the struggles, the feelings of inadequacy, lack 


allow yourself to release the grasp, listen to your body, 

allow true health and vitality to flow in you with ease.

When you decide to:

 shift your frequency 

move into something higher

release all the heaviness that you have been carrying...

Your Physical Body:

Releases energy

Pain, illness and imbalance flows

and you no longer feel stuck energy

Your body’s chemistry changes

Your sleep improves

Digestion flows with ease

Hormones rejoice

Inflammation decreases

Fear and Anxiety decrease

Your Emotional Body:

Connects with difficult emotions and understands triggers

Allows these emotions to release

Limitations about your money, job/career, relationships, lifestyle decrease

Understands that healing becomes a journey

Realizes you are already whole and that

you are already perfect

You will feel:

Lightness and renewed energy

Ageless vitality


Radiant health

Connected to your inner being


 to You"

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In this 3 month program you will learn to ignite your inner flow by increasing your frequency and raising your consciousness with 6 intimate powerful healing and integration sessions. 

You will tap into your inner guidance system, ignite the true light that has been dormant inside you and reignite your passion, desire, flow, and intuition back into your life. 

You will heal yourself from past wounds, release old belief systems that no​ longer serve you and shift stagnant energy.

I'll teach you Heart Coherence Techniques (alignment of heart, mind and emotions) to lift your vibration & to renew and regenerate feelings of increased emotional balance, improved mental functions (focus, mental clarity, memory), stability, and intuition.

*6 live and recorded video calls at 10:30 AM 

*2 Facebook live check ins

*Access to our private Facebook group with 

Q and A, guidance and practice options