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Well~Being Coaching


Immerse yourself in true inspiration, joy & freedom 

on a memorable winter weekend with a group of extraordinary woman! 

Come to our cool little town of Newry, Maine for a beautiful wellness retreat created just for you! 

Experience the beauty of Sunday River Ski Mountain with amazing skiing, live music, snowshoeing and chill vibes.

Enjoy 3 transformational days of 

connecting, sharing & experiencing 

true empowerment, passion, creativity and INTENTION SETTING! 

Quiet your mind with HeartMath techniques, mindfulness and yoga practice and move your body during our nature hikes and snowshoes.

Sit in stillness by the fire, become grounded, journal and engage with new friends!

Enjoy our specially created unhurried, fresh, seasonal inspired food and drinks!

Are you depleted, lost in the constant doing, tired, stressed, lack energy, or are sleepless? 

Are you constantly trying to accomplish to do lists that never end?

Are you caught up in the routine of everyday living?

Do you live in a constant cycle of busyness, overwhelm, doubt, fear and overwork?​ 

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” Esther Hicks

What if you could surrender to your life destiny by becoming fully present?

What if you could allow yourself to 

receive all the gifts you were meant to receive?

What would it take for you to live YOUR LIFE with ease, abundance, health and prosperity?

Are you ready to RESET, RECHARGE, and RENEW?

Are you ready to take YOUR WAY rather than THEIR WAY?

“The soul fire way.

Ablaze with passion.

Passion that can’t be fixed.

Passion that the world cannot deny.”

~Danielle Laporte

• Rediscover your unique inner voice!

• Align with your core-desired feelings!

• Enjoy peace and inner alignment!

• Let go of negative belief patterns and experience less resistance!

Practice the art of allowing, allow the path to come to you, 

to flow & recognize it is lighting up for you!


Jen Finnegan is the Founding Director of Holistic Health Journey, holding space for others’ personal growth, healing and inner light. She is an adventurous, loving, creative spirit, wife, mom of two, mindful-yogi enthusiast, wellness retreat creator that is passionate about sharing her journey of abundance, adventure, wellness and purpose! Jen has been an accomplished teacher for over 20 years, mainly working with special education children and collaborating with public school teachers and therapists. She also specializes in parent consulting for special needs students.

Jen has always been passionate about helping others especially more recently through the lense of Mind Body Wellness. She discovered the power of heart math and mindfulness-meditation in her own life and pursued further training so she had the tools and knowledge to implement mindfulness and yoga practice in elementary school classrooms.

Jen is truly inspired to align with others, to assist people in deepening their own harmony and awareness. Jen is always studying, training and completing certification courses. Some of her favorites are: Add Heart Facilitator, Mind Body Solutions for Anxiety, Liquid Dance, Creative Dance, Alternative Medicine, Mind Body Healing Techniques, Mindfulness-Meditation, CBD Oils, Ayurvetic Health, Young Living Essential Oils, Plant Based Nutrition and Supplements. 

“The garden of the world has no limits,

except in your mind.” ~Rumi

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Jen is a community builder. She invites, includes, welcomes so many people in a positive way. Jen is generous, enthusiastic and exciting to be with. She embraces fun and excitement. I have never felt judged by Jen, but have always felt honestly accepted for who I am. I get the sincere impression that others feel the same way. Jen is awake, vibrantly on the path of growing and accepts and embraces herself fully! Jen’s lifestyle is proactive, guided by the question of what is the right and kind thing to do. She shares honestly without imposing her values and views with friends. Jen values humility and every individual. She sees the light people. She always sees the good in her students both young and older, focusing on their strengths, how wonderful they are, focusing with parents and teachers on their growth and positive qualities rather than lack. Jen is hugely proactive about healthy eating and mindfulness, healthy practices. She shares by example rather than force. Jen is at her best when adventuring, learning and exploring. 

She shines when she’s with close friends in gathering!

Rebecca Roge, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Jen is one of the most open hearted, authentic individuals you will ever meet. She is thoughtful, generous with her time and talents and is passionate about embracing a lifestyle that brings fulfillment and possibility. She has an aura of positivity, is thoughtful and kind and is always there for you. Jen has a talent for bringing people together and draws you into a circle that is inclusive and enriching and good for the soul. She is steadfast and loyal and, if you are looking to lead a more holistic lifestyle, will guide you with compassion and insight.

Shenley Rockett, Swampscott, Massachusetts

Jen embodies something unique and very powerful. Being

in her presence will contribute to you, whether it is on a retreat,

coachings or receiving her guidance on health care products. She is in a very beautiful and powerful space, that allows you to melt away, what might have held you back. After a session with her, you are pulled back in, as you are effortlessly connected with your heart, joy and the present moment. Also she is very clear, a great, grounded communicator, natural and experienced, powerful teacher. When you are working with her, this will naturally melt off on you, so that you can easily access these areas for yourself, that you might have been searching for. 

I really recommend working with Jen, if you are in any way feeling called to it.

 She is the Real thing! 

Lots of love and gratitude! 

Dr.Ida Malene Voss Kisku, Netherlands

When I first met Jen, I was instantly drawn to her authentic, upbeat, positive personality and forward thinking view toward life! As coworkers in education, we shared many conversations about holistic health yoga practices, nutrition, viewing and creating one’s life with positivity, creativity and with sustainability! My favorite discussions were on toxin free living!! Jen is one of the most enlightened humans I have met, a true and genuine joy!

Denise Duffin, Salem, Massachusetts.

I met Jen at a woman’s wellness retreat in Colorado. Jen was the first to strike up conversation, which was great for me because I am shy. Jen has great vibrational energy and I admire how much she loves to talk to people and she does it with such ease because it comes from her true nature. Jen is not afraid of letting herself be vulnerable and she creates a safe space to share with her. Jen is a walking, talking plethora of wellness and wholeness and loves to teach and share her knowledge with a beautiful warm smile. 

She is never afraid to act on her instincts because the well being of others is always her mission.

Esmeralda Verduzco, Fresno, California.

I met Jen while she was a special education inclusion teacher. She worked extremely closely with my first grade son, who formed a close bond with her as someone who accepted him and appreciated him for who he was. It was through their bond that I became to know Jen on a more personal level and learned that we shared similar spiritual beliefs and wellness practices. Through her I learned goal-setting strategies that I still implement in my daily life for myself and my family. I found her to be a wealth of knowledge for all the important (to me!) things in life + holistic living - a true guru!

Jen is a bringer of love and light, a pacesetter for innovation, a seeker of adventure and most importantly, a friend to all who know her. She has helped me in my life more than she knows, I am sure. A truly authentic soul who I am so thankful crossed my path in life and who I can only hope to learn more from.

Jessica Chew, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Jen Finnegan is a spirit to be reckoned with. By nature she is rapid fire with a contemplative twist which can be a dichotomy, but is authentic in her being. A goal driven soul who always has a vision but most importantly...then takes action. A teacher by training but naturally a leader because she speaks about and lives her ideals while always seeking other relationships to expand and broaden her view while remaining true to herself. She has clarity in her ability to shift from ideals that are social norms to rightly questioning their value.

Erin Fagan, Danbury, Connecticut 

“Once a year go someplace you've never been before." ~ Dalai Lama





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“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”

Eckhart Tolle

Jen Finnegan

Holistic Health Journey